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America VS Canada

This survey got me going…

I moved to Ontario because I think Toronto is one of the most extraordinary cities on the planet, and because there were opportunities here. Yet, as I work my way into an industry, I remember that I will hit a point here when it’s not worth making more money because the taxes just go up and up.

The survey ranks American states and Canadian provinces by their economic freedom rating, and finds that only Alberta competes with America high up on the list. Ontario is the next province on the list, but only after almost every American state has been exhausted. Except, of course, little gems like West Virginia.

The Fraser Institute, the Canadian foundation that commissioned the study, concluded that federal transfer payments are to blame for the provinces’ poor record of growth and freedom. I couldn’t agree more.

For those who don’t know me, I’m not a big fan of the federalist system that has emerged in America and was copied around the world. My belief is that the ‘US Constitution’ was the first of many small coups against the freedom and self-government for which so many died in the 1770s. I dream of a world of free states, in which humanity defends itself from the twin political evils of nationalism and socialism, as well as the everyday evils of violence and coercion. I will reiterate this point time and again, that America and Canada are not nations. At their best, they were meant to be confederations of self-governing states, in league for their mutual defense from foreign invaders.

I will surely argue that point in more detail later on. For now, let’s take it as a premise, and examine Canada’s federal transfer payments. While ‘federal,’ or imperial, governments have overstepped their bounds in many fields, we should focus on the ethical merits of this particular intrusion. If the provinces are, in theory, sovereign and independent, what business does Ottawa have in stealing from one to give to the others? Does it repel foreign armies? Does it settle disputes between confederated states? Neither of these apply, and nothing beyond these would be in the purview of a proper confederal administration.

Allow me to use this one issue to draw light on the grand picture, and to make a proposal. The grand picture is that theoretically independent states which made compacts for their mutual defense have since become overwhelmed and subordinated by the administrators of said compacts; that they have been subordinated to the status of local government districts within vast, unitary empires; that, as a result, freedom has been curtailed and our oppressors actions differ little from the authoritarian People’s Republic of China; that we have been made to believe that nation-states are the only legitimate states, by the United Nations and its adherents’ worldview; and therefore, that Ontario and every other state whose denizens yearn to gain or regain their freedom, independence, and right of self-government, need a Confederation Society to connect individuals toward their natural cause: liberty!


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