Vote Libertarian in Ontario!

This newspaper urges every eligible voter in Ontario to vote libertarian this October in his or her riding. Voting libertarian will send a message to the four main parties that they have been found out. What do we mean by ‘found out?’ The Liberal, Progressive Concervative, New Democratic, and Green Parties all share one thing in common, a secret that they cloak with their incessant bickering: they are all socialist. None of them respect your right, as an adult, to make decisions with your money, your time, and your life. The Libertarian Party believes that government should focus on its proper role, to defend the liberties of those within its territory. That means effective police, effective military, effective courts, representative government, and nothing else. Anything more would begin to infringe on the very liberties government is supposed to defend.

If the Libertarian Party leader were asked to form the next Ontario government, it would work to end the ‘downloading’ of social services to our cities, the use of provincial police if necessary to end harassment by ‘street people’ on the streets of Toronto, the pursuit of further decentralization within the Canadian Confederation, an end to excessive taxation, the reduction of economically suffocating border controls, and separation of health/church/school and state. Freedom, peace, law, and order would be high priorities of an Ontario Libertarian Party government.

What the party needs is the active support of these who believe in freedom. The party has a dedicated core of activists, but growth is a high priority. As of this point, even if the OLP won every riding they are contesting, they would not have enough MPPs to form a government. But there is still time. Contact the Ontario Libertarian Party and offer to run in your riding, or campaign for a candidate. And, for the love of freedom, vote! This isn’t the States. The libertarian movement can have a voice here. There are already four enfranchised parties in Ontario, but they all represent the same old Canadian socialism that has kept the Confederation a little cousin of the States. Ontario, give the OLP just one seat, and you will see the most principled MPP ever to grace Queen’s Park.


2 thoughts on “Vote Libertarian in Ontario!

  1. Great endorsement! The Libertarian Party is devoted to not an echo but a choice – we stand for liberty. If the defense of liberty is unpopular, than we will stand alone for it is better to fight for good and lose than to fight for evil and win. It is not insane to hope for change – it is insane to keep doing the same things and expect different results.

  2. That’s Einstein’s definition of insanity. He had the same creative, open mind that allows people to conceptualize freedom within the confines of the nation-state. And the kind of mind that the average cannot understand, only follow or ridicule.

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