The Grand View of Ron Paul

The Grand View‘s article, entitled Electric Car Redux, illicited another lengthy comment from me, reposted here for the benefit of reaching a larger interested audience. Respect is paid to WordPress for providing a platform for intellectual broadcast and discourse: 

In a rather delayed response, I wanted to address your question about Ron Paul’s chance of success. Yet again, it seems that electric cars provide a guide. They’re a healthier, more sound, and more efficient choice, yet they are taking the long road to acceptance.

As of now, libertarian ideas – which are what Dr. Paul espouses – are outside the mainstream. People naturally find radical ideas scary, because they are unfamiliar. They lump us in with every hair-brained, social-engineering, utopia-seeking scheme around, from ‘communism’ to ‘social credit.’ But, like electric cars, liberty is not a new proposal. It is the principle that has fed every great Western civilization: Greece, with its city-states and government by lot; Rome, with its constitution and popular sovereignty; and most importantly America, which has been by far the most libertarian civilization in history.

The odds against Dr. Paul are long, but he has found a winning strategy to help Americans rediscover their civilization. He may not win, but would it hurt any of us to root for him? Every vote, every letter-to-the-editor, every rally for Ron Paul sends that much stronger a message to Washington: we’re taking our rights back. With the current regime torturing, surveying, and perjuring at home and abroad, and none of the ‘mainstream’ candidates of either party willing to repudiate these crimes, I’m thinking that it’s about time to send a message. Don’t you?


4 thoughts on “The Grand View of Ron Paul

  1. You might enjoy a look at Molly’s Blog. Libertarianism is, to a reactionary like myself, sometimes a bit out-of-touch with the necessity of protecting the citizenry from depradations of the powerful.
    I like her place because anarchy is the logical complement : freedom for people – real persons – not corporations – false persons.
    I hear howling about Communist Menace. Put a sock in it. What is more threatening to to society than the neocon Facsist menace of the Police State?

  2. I agree. Ron Paul is a very long shot, but we need him out there publically espousing libertarian views. There are probably several reasons why it’s unlikely we’ll ever get everyone to support libertarianism, but if we can get the ideas out there, there will be more support overall. Also, strategically, if we can get some libertarians elected, much (or little, depending on your point of view) can get done.

  3. Opit,

    I whole-heartedly agree with your judgement that current ideas of ‘capitalism’ involve treating corporations as ‘persons.’ I also agree that this is wrong, as do most libertarians.

    However, I have found anarcho-socialists, in my personal experience, to be the least-scrupulous, most-outwardly-depraved people on the planet. From the roots of the punk movement, they seek not to improve life and increase liberty, but to destroy life and create chaos. While they may share a few critiques of modern government with libertarians, they do not support property. Life, liberty, and property are together more than a maxim, they are the interconnected pillars of justice. Without property, nothing can be built, invested, or secured. Most anarcho-socialists depend on the ‘group will’ to govern their lives, but that boils down to the force of the majority — a tyranny as bad as any other. And like the myth of corporate personhood, the personhood of a nation, group, demos, or public is irreconcialable with the fact of human individuality.

    So, yes, fight the police state. But remember that libertarians are not robber barons. The aristocracy will call itself liberal and capitalist to cloak its use of the state to secure privilege. After all, monopolies don’t often sustain themselves without a little help from hired thugs. This is why many of the world’s wealthiest people are also ardent statists. The free market is not your enemy, the use of force is.

    The Confederal Sun

  4. The use of unrestrained force, yes. That is what makes a state : order enforced in a restrained and measured fashion.
    What makes you call libertarianism radical ? It wasn’t invented yesterday. I just think mutinationals are a whole new overwhelming cancer.

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