Residential Schools

I’m a recent observer of Ontarian/Canadian politics, but I wanted to chime in on this media frenzy.

The Federal Government of Canada, like so many governments before it, kidnapped innocent children from their parents and sent them off to indoctrination schools – so that they could learn to be ‘Canadian.’

Reminds me of a much starker version of my own time at public school, but I digress.

Now, ‘Aboriginal leaders,’ like ‘black leaders’ and ‘feminist leaders,’ have transformed a real tragedy into a plea for power and public funds.

Will Stephen Harper apologize correctly? Will the settlement (with the taxpayers, not the perpetrators) be large enough to heal the pain? These are the wrong questions.

Not once have I heard about bringing those involved to justice. If this has happened, enlighten me. I’ve read that this program lasted until the 70s. Well, I say round up every teacher, every Mountie, every politician involved with this program, and try them in a court of law. That’s restitution.

What does it mean for Stephen Harper to make an apology to these people? It doesn’t fix anything. He wasn’t even involved. And to be frank, Harper or Dion or any of these guys would have watched in silence if they were in power when this was going on.

Don’t demand political apologies, and don’t make yourselves welfare babies. Ask only for prosecution of those involved, and work to shrink the Federal Government that made this atrocity possible.

This is not coming from an ideological place. I genuinely feel saddened and disgusted about what I’ve learned happened to these innocent children, and their helpless parents. And I genuinely believe that it will happen again. And I know that the course on which these injured souls are being led is not for their benefit – but for the benefit of the very institution that enslaved them: the Canadian Federal Government.

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