I am a liberal. They are not.

It’s amazing how many different words the statists have used, over the years, to dress up their same, tired philosophy. They’ve called it Conservative, Progressive, Fascist, Nationalist, Communist, Socialist, Egalitarian, Centrist, Third Way, Green, Monarchist, Loyalist, Revolutionary, but, here in North America, the one that really grinds my gears is liberal.

Liberal is our word, the ‘our’ being what are presently called libertarians. People are identified as libertarian if they are “socially-liberal and economically-conservative.” It seems in this parlance, liberal means free on the social spectrum and conservative means free on the economic spectrum. Doesn’t that seem like a language trick to confuse people? The powers-that-be give you two labels from which to choose: liberal offers you social freedom and economic slavery, and conservative the opposite. That way, if you believe in something like social AND economic freedom, you either have to take on one of the existing labels with some silly modifier (market liberal, paleoconservative, et al) or accept a less-catchy term like libertarian.

The great injustice is that the term liberal was outright stolen from libertarians by the socialists of the early 20th century. ‘Liberal’ comes from the latin root liber, meaning free. A liberal has always meant someone who believes in freedom, in other words a modern libertarian. In Continental Europe, it is still largely used in this manner. Over here, the early socialists had a problem they didn’t face in Europe: no one believed their bullshit. Americans discovered political liberty, and it had served us well. So, the socialists figured out how to turn our own language against us. They called our notion of liberty ‘negative liberty’ and their notion of government interference ‘positive liberty.’ You see, now it wasn’t enough to have the potential to fulfill your desires, you were now entitled to fulfill them. What that meant for the people who now had to work toward YOUR goals was ignored, as was the debate over whose goals would be pursued (usually it translates into the politically well-connected). So, now we had moved from liberals to negative liberals. Once the socialists got their foot in the door linguistically, many people found a way to justify their instinctual drives for cheating and violence. Soon after, liberal came to only mean socialist, and lost all of its libertarian connotation.

Some of us now call ourselves classical liberals, while a great many others identify as true conservatives. The latter is laughable, though it has translated into electoral success, because libertarians have always fought the conservatives – those who wanted to maintain their grasp on power through monarchy, aristocracy, theocracy, or else-wise. Even the modern ‘conservative coalition’ is just a nonsensical mix of libertarians, nationalists, and christian democrats set up by a man that I would call a (classical) liberal: Ronald Reagan.

Well I say we ditch the epithet and take back our word. I am a liberal: I believe in severely-restricted government, reforming our electoral system, returning power to the States, voting independent, and increasing personal and economic liberty in every way. I do not vote Democrat: those people are socialists. I do not vote Republican: those people are nationalists. I am neither left-wing nor right-wing, left-leaning nor right-leaning, for the only true dichotomy is between freedom and slavery. I do not believe there is such a thing as positive liberty, except insofar as all liberty is positive if you exclude other ideologies masquerading as liberty. I am a liberal, a libertarian, a free-marketeer, a propertarian, a minarchist, but mostly I am a liberal. And they are not.

2 thoughts on “I am a liberal. They are not.

  1. obama is only going to go after the jews in isreal. He already wants to meet with all enemies of isreal and america. Europe is being taken over by islam and are already making a run at it here in america. Like using shariah law to govern in european countries and using it to govern parts of wall street.You know thats what they want because they say their goal is to spread islam throughout the world and they will force people to convert or use incentives such as money which many people will gladly take, just like what he bible tells in revelation how everyone will bow to the antichrist because he will promise peace, money, happiness, which is not really in is heart. so far barack has changed up on some of his important talking points that he used to get people to vote for him over hillary. He told the voters what they wanted to hear but he didnt mean it in his heart, if he did he would not have changed. And if you say he did it because it is good politics, remember he said he isnt like all of the other politicians, candidate of bullcrap–I mean change is what he told them. Of course he wants soldiers out of iraq, so his soon to be friend Ahmadinejad can take root in iraq and combine oil wealth and strategic ground to attack isreal. Irans leader already said he will bring about the twelth imam in which the way the koran describes him sounds alot like the description of the antichrist in revelations within the bible–“he will sit upon a pale horse”-and barack will not help isreal in this war. Remember, the koran couldnt refuse the name of JESUS, but the tora and bible has no mention of allah a.k.a. satan a.k.a. devil. And baracks root is islam and was registered as a muslim when he was a child in indonesia and said himself he attended a muslim school. Even the devil attends church because he know of GODS existence and wants to corrupt the faithful. So of course barack obama is going to go to church and claim to be christian because in a nation who defines itself as nearly 90% christian, you better say-be-or pretend you are one to to get elected. Once president he will keep it a secret or proclaim that he is a recent convert to islam. He will probably do well-so that he is re-elected and so that the world will make him his leader so that he can push his agenda. Islam is satans religion, his creation, and it has convinced many because he used the bible for its foundation but has changed-added- and taken away from the bible to make it his own work. Historians will tell you that the koran was written after the tora and was mouthed for years and years before being written and then re-edited after conflicting sides of believers fought. Satan used truth and then distorted it, or lied rather, to easier convince people to which everyone knows within there hearts of right and wrong, some just deny it. The basics sound good-give to charity-dont murder- dont lust etc.-only the thing that nothing except JESUS can wash your sins away, no amount of martydom can, only believing in JESUS and seeking his forgivness and admitting your sin. Brack showed he didnt belive in this and that is why he said- people cling to guns and RELIGION because of their money problems basically. Which goes to what the antichrist will say–You dont need religion anymore because of have made you wealthy, what has faith in GOD given you, you are not rich but poor, so he believes that if people have enough money many except true believers will convert to his teachings and will seek to end the world of bibles and tora scrolls and will use some of the terrible history of misguided or so-called believers to convince people of the need to rid of it. This country has been a great nation since its founding and was founded on the belief of ONE GOD-the GOD of Abraham-Isaac,andJacob, and in the belief of GOD’S son JESUS CHRIST, and hasnt been in such jeopardy since its founding like it is now. The bible tells you that if you turn from HIM the nation will have problems such as disease, bad crops, bad weather, and economic conditions. Every problem America has has we as a nation has pulled through it. Look at what is happening, floods- diseases-all the bad foods- and the economic hardships happening now. Look and the past 40 or fifty years and you moght see the reason. Alot of people choosing drugs and lust, muder and rape, all the child predators, corrupt institutions, over the teachings of the Bible. When I was in high school ten years ago there were only a few who buy the tenth grade didnt have some kind of sex, try or was consistently using some drug, including myself, and was taught that the girls like the bad boys-even the good girls liked the bad boys, so most guys tried to be a bad boy in some way shape or form, some a little and some more. So you have more kids breaking rules and laws and a nation being put on warning to recognize its sins, not just sins that only soem admit to being wrong such as mureder, but all sins as professed by GOD. The bible teaches that faith comes with hearing the word of GOD and faith grows by Hearing it more and more over and over. So put down the AMERICA is evil and every war or problem in the world is AMERICAS ans ISREAL’s fault guide to hating your home, and pick up the Bible and read it through and through three or four times without rushing and absorb the information and you will recieve faith if you are will to belive that just because you cant see the wind doesnt mean its not there fact. Obama is the wrong guy, the antichrist will be charming, charismatic, and will have the young and tired believing because they are to naive or too tired to see the lies. You mimic what they say to fit in, you are the people that whatever group starts a new cause you will instantly agree and join because you are afraid to stand alone for right and rather stand with many in the wrong. Do you want to go through life believing the ” because I said it three times means it is true” bull crap that the athiest use to convince you. No christian can say killing babies is a okay thing. If a woman is raped and is having a baby concieved by evil meand then I understand her wanting an abortion. But just becuase she gets pregnant and wants to keep it until she is eight months pregnant is no reason nor right to kill that child. The hippies from the sixties called vietnam vets baby killers, which they werent, for some children getting killed as an accident by all sides in war, but today many of those same people actuallly say it is okay to kill babies as long as it hasnt came out all the way. If it is okay for a woman to kill a baby when she is 8 months or even 2 months pregnant then why cant that same mother kill her baby when it is 2 months out of the womb. It is still her body used to feed it and care for it. Right, it is not, only in extreme conditions like her being raped. Children killed in war are accidents except in those places that use children to carry bombs and to shoot guns so the american and other soldiers would hesitate such as some islam militants do. So how can a flower child call a soldier for inadvertantly killing a child and having nightmares for the rest of his life and other problems be a baby killer, but when the flower child doesnt want a baby because she wants to keep partying or not gain weight, she then is able to kill it and not be a baby killer but instead is called a strong independent minded libral woman is beyond me but not beyond GOD and HIS infinite wisdom in which we will all confront in out time which has already been created and seen by HIM. So vote not with your heart because your heart follows the wrong things sometimes, but with your faith and wisdom in GOD and vote with the intent for the preservation of your soul. GOD bless all, and all, as long as they confess there sin and all sin that GOD says is sin which they have committed be confessed and repented, will be forgiven byh the blood of his only son JESUS CHRIST. “I love you when you are wrong and love when I am wrong.”sonny.

  2. Ummm. I’m not going to claim I read all of sonny’s comment, there. I know it mentioned God quite a bit and I imagine he just cuts and pastes this loony tirade on any post that has the word ‘liberal’ in the title.

    That said, I’d like you to know, pal, that I’m not part of your culture war. Current practice aside, politics is not a place to channel your preferences and passions. In a free state, politics would be the least interesting thing to discuss because governance would simply be about keeping the peace and rendering dry judgements about the intricacies of common law. Most people wouldn’t care because they would have very little at stake – with their rights already recognized and respected. This already occurs if one surveys voter interest in stable versus unstable regimes. It’s lower in the former.

    Finally, I think this comment goes to show that libertarians should not be in bed with theocrats any more than democrats. While some ‘conservatives’ hate what ‘liberal’ has come to mean (socialism), many ‘conservatives’ hate what ‘liberal’ is supposed to mean (libertarianism). They, like Sonny, vote “with [their] faith” – which is usually a cover for their fascist beliefs.

    Thanks for the insight, Sonny. You devil you đŸ˜‰

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