Tea Party Tories: The Enemy Within

Between this story about Tea Party candidates running against Ron Paul to another about how ConAgra set up shop at the Nashville Tea Party, it seems that the neocons and their tory hordes have hijacked the Tea Party movement from its patriot progenitors.

I believe the Average Joe American (non-plumber) is instinctually a libertarian. But how do you educate masses of them when the special interests have such an effective propaganda machine?

Here’s my program for the recently awakened:

Step one: believe, in your heart, that there is no difference between the D and R parties. (Helps to read Lew Rockwell)

Step two: realize that Washington is the problem and that we must return to local self-government. (Helps to learn about the Free State Project)

Step three: change your daily life in meaningful ways to resist the empire and regain your liberty. (Helps to decide to do right, even though you’ll never be thanked and often ridiculed.)

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