FW: Gun Control Kills

If this video doesn’t make you cry, you may be a tin man:

I found the video through ‘Austin Gun Rights Examiner’ Howard Nemerov’s article about how gun control at Fort Hood allowed Nidal Hasan to take so many lives.

Forward: A Sane Voice on Travel Security

The National Post’s editorial board wrote a piece that pretty well elucidates my response to the Greyhound Bus attack in Manitoba.

I’m glad someone in this nutty world isn’t calling for more ‘security measures’ every time something bad happens.

Why are the NDP wrong on every issue? I hear they now want to take ownership of your organs, unless you specifically opt-out.

Don’t get me started on the issues down south. Have you ever heard of millimeter wave scanners? They’re coming to an airport near you to digitally expose your spouse’s and children’s naked bodies. Someone ought to arrest those creeps at the TSA, each and every one of them. More on that later.

Forward: Break the Matrix

Okay, so I was just thinking how surprising it is that American libertarians, a very techy folk, haven’t founded a successful web 2.0 site. So, I googled, and sure enough, one seems to be snowballing:

It’s a great mix: independent (not too dogmatic), supportive of several new and creative initiatives, well put together. So, join up!

Oh, Dr. Paul, you seem to have really laid the foundation of a lasting r3VOLution. Perhaps we are a ‘great’ generation after all.

Forward: Lew Rockwell

In case you don’t already visit Lew Rockwell several times a day, here’s a neat article by one of Lew’s cadre of talented and enlightened writers. It’s about how a more plausible Terminator-style plot would turn out, i.e. how it might look if machines took over. My favorite part is realizing that our centralist society is already built for such a thing. Does it really matter if it’s humans or computers pulling the strings?

Lew Rockwell is a great website to casually frequent to get your fill of freedom’s fire when the normal news is too much of a wet blanket. And boy is it ever. The Lew Blog is now reporting that several key Cato Institute members are telling the press they favor a Fannie/Freddie bailout. Another one bites the dust…


I have an interest in advancing an anti-federalist, libertarian model of statehood, in reforming association football in New York and the rest of North America, and in providing a unique view of a million other topics that are widely under-thought. The contributions will be varied, but they will have in common a vision that cuts through mediocrity. For too often my fellow man fails to think grandly because he is convinced that he is small. In any pursuit, I can guarantee that you are not small, but in fact the biggest creative force the universe has ever known.

A ‘blog’ is a podium for excluded voices. Allow me to join the conversation.