Success Validates Failures

Dear reader,

If you’re ever feeling hopelessly lost, like the road leads only downhill and that you will never amount to anything, keep in mind that one great success validates all your failures.

Think of the biographies of great men. Their early years are often filled with struggle, defeat, and even mediocrity. But since they ended up in a worthy position, those failures become challenges they overcame. They become the ingredients of their character.

It is a similar case when one falls in love. Suddenly all that wandering beforehand becomes important, because it led you to that special person.

If you can somehow create a situation with which you are truly happy right now, all prior steps gain the satisfaction of a destination. And changing any one of them would jeopardize what you have achieved.

– Mike

The Ultimate Right

I have come to the striking conclusion that the ultimate right – that which secures all others – is the right to leave.

If that right is not respected, however well you are treated, you are indeed a slave.

This “Market” You Speak Of…

We need to remind our friends caught in the statist dogma that when we refer to “the government,” it means a specific organization; but when we refer to “the market,” it means all human activity that is not coerced.

“Can the market handle X, Y, or Z?” really means “Can we all handle X, Y, or Z without employing coercion?”

– M. Vine

The ROSE Amendment: Right of Secession

Even back in my minarchist days, I always thought decentralization was the most promising path to liberty. Today, I stumbled upon the text of a proposal I had for a Right Of Secession (ROSE) Amendment to the US Constitution, which would explicitly recognize the right of self-determination of the constituent states:

Considering it the most expedient way to create legal recognition for the inherent right of free individuals to remove territories they own from the political authority to which they were formerly bound (by choice or force), we hereby express our support for the addition of the following amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: 

WHEREAS the issue was formerly settled by force of arms over reasoned discourse, and 

WHEREAS, since the War Between The States, it is generally accepted that this Constitution prohibits secession, 

THEREFORE we, the citizens of the States, hereby make explicit the unilateral right of secession by any constituent state or territory under this Constitution, in a manner to be specified by the laws of said state or territory.