The ROSE Amendment: Right of Secession

Even back in my minarchist days, I always thought decentralization was the most promising path to liberty. Today, I stumbled upon the text of a proposal I had for a Right Of Secession (ROSE) Amendment to the US Constitution, which would explicitly recognize the right of self-determination of the constituent states:

Considering it the most expedient way to create legal recognition for the inherent right of free individuals to remove territories they own from the political authority to which they were formerly bound (by choice or force), we hereby express our support for the addition of the following amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: 

WHEREAS the issue was formerly settled by force of arms over reasoned discourse, and 

WHEREAS, since the War Between The States, it is generally accepted that this Constitution prohibits secession, 

THEREFORE we, the citizens of the States, hereby make explicit the unilateral right of secession by any constituent state or territory under this Constitution, in a manner to be specified by the laws of said state or territory. 


‘Rendition,’ opening in movie theatres across Canada today, is a fictional portrayal of the actual United States Federal Government’s practice of sending terrorism suspects overseas to be tortured. The movie depicts the saga of a man of arabic lineage, kidnapped on a return trip from business in Africa. His pregnant, American wife is left scraping together his whereabouts and demanding justice. Meanwhile, a young CIA agent is charged with overseeing the suspect’s brutal interrogation, and finds himself questioning the utility and morality of this barbaric practice. The film stars Omar Metwally, Jake Gyllenhaal, Meryl Streep, Peter Saarsgaard, and Reese Witherspoon. 

The Libertarian Party of Canada applauds the team behind this film. Viewers should remember the sorry truth: that what happens on screen is happening in real life to some very frightened people. Those victims have been denied due process, habeas corpus, and the respect of global convention. It is especially important in times of great threat that we choose not to turn on ourselves and our values. Canadians value liberty, justice, and the rule of law – goals shared by the Libertarian Party of Canada. Not only has Ottawa failed to condemn Washington for the practice of Extraordinary Rendition, but there is strong evidence that our federal government has been complicit in the practice: a United Nations report named Canada as a participant in the practice, and a Canadian citizen was disappeared to Syria and tortured in captivity with the knowledge and aid of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Libertarian Party of Canada believes that this policy cannot be allowed to continue. It does not guard us against terrorists, and it puts every Canadian’s liberty at risk. The film ‘Rendition’ should help to raise awareness, and motivate Canadians to hold their government responsible. As the only party that opposes all forms of state coercion, our message is clear: there is something you can do. Speak, join, vote, and run with the Libertarian Party of Canada.