Rename Queens

This is an aesthetic discussion. I don’t like the name Queens for the New York City Borough. I bet someone else agrees. Some may agree with me that the monarchical reference is anachronistic in the Capital of the Free World, but most will agree that the stigma attached to living in Queens will hamper efforts at redevelopment. As property prices in Brooklyn and Manhattan break records, Queens is next in line for gentrification. I strongly believe that aesthetic aspects of a place or product have a subtle psychological effect on purchasers. Queens needs a new name. Now, I’m going to propose a few names, but I’d also like to hear from you:

The Borough of…
Gules (pronounced like jewels)

It’s a start. This should at least get you’re minds working. Someday, I’ll awaken to CP24 telling me that Queens is now Bloomingdale. Get working!

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